Aleksandar Balalovski

Hi there 👋

My name is Aleksandar and I like software development and writing.I am experimenting with technologies to learn how to build useful products. I have been working as software developer for more than 12 years. Before anything, I like building side projects in my free time.Writing is my hobby since I was a child. In an attempt to organize what I write I started building - a super simple Writing app to write, organize and share content.Occasionally I am writing on my blog Simple things overthought.Check out my first published work, a children's stories book titled The Sleeping Tiger.Why do I do all this?
To create relationships and find other friends that think alike. That's it. 🙌
My Interests
Well, writing, but also: spending time with my family, technology and how it can be used to support our mental wellbeing. I like languages and enjoy listening to good music!
Wanna be friends? Reach out on Twitter!Specialties
Mobile development (Android, Flutter), Web development (React/NextJS/Remix, TaiwindCSS, NodeJS).