Aleksandar Balalovski

👋 Hi there

My name is Aleksandar and I like software development, writing and coffee.

I like experimenting with technologies and learn how to use them to build great products. At the moment I work full-time as a Flutter developer. Also I am working on few side projects of mine:

☕️ Uncoffee - my small newsletter on coffee;
🤓 Simple things overthought - my tech blog;
📖 The Sleeping Tiger - my very first children's book;
🖥 - minimalistic writers aid tool;

Why do I do all this?
I believe that we as humans, do most of the daily things with one goal: to build relationships. That we are evolutionary predetermined to seek ways to socialize with others. And when we build relationships we empathize with the others and want to help them. This is my attempt to do that by using my knowledge.

What do I like?
I like spending time with my family. I am interested in technology and how technology can support our mental health. How writing affects our wellbeing. I like languages and enjoy listening to good music!

My specialties include: Flutter, Android, coffee, writing and a bit guitar.

So curious where this road takes me!